San Elijo Surf Team


Please contact Coach Diego @ if you have any questions.


Surf club/ team prospects, please do the following two items to be considered: 

1.  Please use our "SignUpGenius" link below to register your child for the MAKE-UP swim test. The swim test is only for first timers trying out for the team & club.  If your student was in the club last year, no need to take the test again.  

SIgnupGenius link below

2.  Also, please tell us about your son/ daughter's surfing/ body boarding experience/ skills. Use the following form and bring it to the swim test. 

Click here for coach's questionnaire 

The questionnaire will download to your computer and appear in the lower left corner of your computer screen, you'll have to print it and fill it out by hand.  Please bring this to the swim test and hand it in when checking in.  

Swim test description

Students must be able to swim out through the surf beyond where the waves are breaking, tread water for 5 minutes, then swim back to the beach without assistance or swim fins. There are no lifeguards where we practice and we want to be sure that all members are comfortable in the surf zone. 

Swim test procedure- only for new members. Returning members do not need to re-test. 

1. Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot to allow for the check in process. Look for the San Elijo Surf Team pop up tent to check in. Provide your name and have your parents verify their email address. 

2. Hand in your coach's questionaire and any pictures you have (staple them to your questionaire). 

3. You will have a number written on your hand, arm, or leg.  

4. You will be instructed to get into a line behind an orange cone near the water.  Do not get out of line so that you can do the swim test with a friend.  You will receive instructions while in line so please pay attention and do not distract others.

5. After the swim test, do not leave until the evaluator has recorded your result at the check out tent and released you to your parents. If you leave before the evaluator assigns a color to you, then you might not be selected to join.  

6. Parents- please remain off to the side by the check out tent until your child has been given the go ahead at the check out station.  

7.  If you want to swim, surf or body board after your test, please do so away from the swim test area. Thank you!

After the swim test, prospective members will be graded either Green, Yellow, or Red.  Passing the swim test does not mean automatic acceptance to the team. Selection will be based on swim test results, surf abilities/ experience, and the number of available spots in the club.  

Please be prepared to be at the swim test for at least an hour.   After checking your student in, please be patient and remain off to the side during the swim test. We're all volunteers and want to get your student swim tested as fast as we can, but our primary concern is safety.

Those selected to join the club/ team will be notified by email ASAP after the swim test and registration info/ forms will be provided.  Please fill out all registration forms and bring them to registration night at Cafe Stoked.  

Please make sure we have your correct email address when you check in at the swim test.